Career in Digital Marketing: Ultimate Guide 2020

06/12/2020 9:41 AM Comment(s) By Anuj Sharma

Do You Want to Earn Money from home? 

I Know your Answer,

yes, Of Course.

Everyone wants to earn money from home, it doesn't matter, who are you, a college student or a self-employed or job seeker.

This is a technology era where anyone can work from home.

During covid-19 pandemic where according to U.N. 197 Million People are suffering from unemployment. Simultaneously, due to internet, people are also getting opportunities.

Digital marketing is one of those opportunities where you can make your career.

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Now, I know, lot of questions in your mind about digital marketing. Don’t worry, I discussed all the aspects in this article.

What is Digital marketing?

According to a Famous Digital marketing Expert Neil Patel, “Digital marketing is any form of marketing products or services that involve electronic devices."


Okay, this is a little confusing definition, don't worry, i am telling in short what is this,

Think about your ideas or product whatever you want to sell or promote in 2000's era what will you do?


Of course, you will follow tradition methods like pamphlet, poster, banners, or commercial TV ads.

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But if I ask you the same question once again what will you do today?


So, what will be your answer, your answer will be Google advertisements or Facebook advertisements or other digital methods.

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Source by Google ads

In short, we can say, if we want to sell any product or want to give information to our customers about our products and services through digital platforms,

"This is the form of digital marketing".

Need of digital Marketing 

As we understand above, traditional methods of advertisement and modern methods of advertisements.


Traditional Methods was so many limitations but in digital media you can target your niche audience in very affordable price.


As you know, now everyone wants to start their business online, and if they shift it means they need digital marketing either for selling products or building brand.

if we talk about the scope of digital marketing in India, According to Cisco, 829 million of internet users will increase in India 

Source by cisco
Source by Cisco

 It is expected that this industry will produce more than 20 lac jobs in India by 2020. 

Career opportunity in digital marketing 

If we talk about, what job opportunities & salary you can apply in digital marketing from home?

RoleSalary in Rupees
Digital Marketing Manager4 lac to 10 lac
SEO Manager3 lac to 7 lac
SEM/PPC expertlac to 6 lac
Web developer/designer3.5 lac  7 lac
Social Media Managerlac to 5 lac
Content Writer2.5 lac to 5 lac

Disadvantage of Digital marketing 

There is no Disadvantage in digital marketing sector because if we talk about Disadvantage so we have to understand about two things only 1. Regular learning and flexibility 2. High competition.

But according to me this both is not Disadvantage.

 it’s actually advantage of this career.

Because when you update your skills you can earn more money its simple.


Just think, if you are in market and there is only one shop.

how many customers will go there, I think rare? but think about shopping mall there is lot of competition but you know whenever you will go there, you will be found houseful.


So, it means more competition, more customers.

How to start your Digital marketing Career?

Now the question is how you can start your digital marketing career?

This is basic, just upgrade your skills and apply for job in various company.



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In today's modern world, digital marketing is the hottest career. Where you can earn money from home whether you are a student or self-employed or job seeker.

I know during this pandemic; you are little confused about what to do or what not. But this is the time to make your career advance. so, don't think too much, start upgrading your skills and apply for various posts in companies.


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