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    Learn how to how to use social media to save time, and drive a larger number of better qualified leads.
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Course Introduction

Created by some of the leading experts in the field, this course enables sales teams to close more business while saving time.

Social selling consists of three main components—establishing a professional social media presence, researching and planning your social selling activities, and prospecting and engaging on social media.

Course Fees : 5000 Rs


Course Duration : 30 Days


Why Social Selling Matters for Sales Professionals

Learn the value of social media for sales professionals and how it relates to traditional sales.

Looking the Part On Your Social Media Channels

In this lesson, we’ll teach you best practices for conveying a highly professional persona on social networks.

Researching and Planning

In this Lesson, you’ll learn about undertaking Social Research and Planning with your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook Business Page accounts.

 Social Selling in Regulated Environments

In this lesson you’ll learn about some of the restrictions that exist to regulate social selling practices in specific verticals.

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